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  • How Much Cash I can carry while Traveling to India ?

    What are cash limits while traveling to India on Tourist Visa?




    If you’ve never traveled to India then you should consider it. Everyone should visit India once in their lifetime to experience the culture, food, and awesome architecture. India offers plenty of things to see and experience. But, irrespective of your reasons to visit India, the reality is that there are a few restrictions in place for the cash you can take into the country with you.


    Read on to learn more about the rules related to customs in India. Here are a few limits that you need to look for before applying for tourist visa India.


    Import currency to India


    A passenger (Apart from Pakistan and Bangladesh) can carry up to Rs. 25,000 per person when coming to India according to new RBI regulation. This was updated in 2016 and the previous limit was Rs. 10,000.


    A person coming from any country can bring cash without any limit but they have to declare it by filling out the currency declaration form in a few special cases. And here are the cases:

    • If the foreign currency notes are in excess of USD 5000 or equivalent.
    • If you carry foreign currency in excess of USD 10000 in the form of currency notes, banknotes, or traveler's cheques.

    Your coins and banknotes are considered as cash in any part of the world and traveler’s cheques are also considered as cash. US citizens are also allowed to bring that much cash without declaring and you should remember this before applying online Tourist visa application from US.




    Penalties for carrying more cash than limits


    Breaking rules on foreign soil is not a good idea and especially in India where rules are so strict. If you bring more cash than the allowed limit may result in having your cash confiscated, fined for bringing extra cash, or you’re being slapped with serious case and being arrested and prosecuted by the authorities.


    Travelers from all countries are expected to follow these rules and not carry more cash than the prescribed limits. The citizens of the US need to apply for tourist e visa India from USA for the easy approval of the visa. As the visa on arrival may take time and it may not get approved in time. So, its advised that you get your e visa on time and carry cash only up to limits.

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